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Videos from the Lab
Below are videos that highlight ongoing and past projects from the Clinical Physiology Laboratory.
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8/28/2017 Dr. Robin Cowen describes measuring intracranial pressure during weight lifting for the American Physiological Society summer program.
4/3/2016 Dr. Charles Tipton Interviews Dr. Hargens for the APS Living History Project.
10/12/2015 Jamila Siamwala Presents Fluid Shifts and the physiology lab for the International Astronautical Congress.
11/21/2013 CBS-8 Special on Space Research in San Diego with Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP).
11/28/2013 CBS-8 Special on Space Medicine: Benefits of Low-Gravity Exercise with Lower Body Positive Pressure (LBPP).
7/6/2011 The Saganites Prepare for a NASA Parabolic Flight Mission with thier Model of Fluid Shift.
Dr. Hargens demonstrates use of the LBPP following his own total hip replacement.
A patient works out on the LBPP following Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction.
One of two twins exercises on the vertical LBNP device to study fluid shift in a microgravity bedrest study.
A volunteer exercises on the vertical treadmill inside a LBNP chamber.
A meniscectomy patient experiences lower knee forces walking on a LBPP treadmill
Exercising with the vertical LBNP treadmill.
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