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Current Laboratory Research Projects
The clinical and basic science studies performed at the orthopaedic physiology lab continue to evolve, but can be broken down into the following categories: Space Physiology Risk of intervertebral disc damage after long duration space flight Fluid distribution before, during and after long duration space flight Fluid shifts with head down tilt and lower body negative pressure Sports Medicine Lower body positive pressure treadmill exercise for early rehabilitation after injury Head trauma and intracranial pressure in boxers and other head- contact sports Tissue Pressure Non-invasive measurements of intramuscular pressure for detecting chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) Non-invasive diagnosis of acute compartment syndromes Microvascular Flow Increasing microvascular blood flow with mild external compression to improve foot sensation Relationship betwen hand/leg volume changes by water immersion and gender, age and cardiovascular health Noninvasive measurements of microvascular flow in skin and muscle
RESEARCH Space Physiology Sports Medicine Tissue Pressure Microvascular Flow